Our Story

Back in the late 1800s was a young chap by the name of Frank. Frank was an adventurer and a big dreamer. Ya know, everyone thought that Frank was too big of a dreamer. Then one day he was goin along, discussing his big dream of immigrating to that place where the lady in the dress with the nickname of the fruit was. And that’s when he saw her, as beautiful as could be, A mirage he thought. He had to meet her. Her name was Rose. Lucky to have it, Rose was the only one who didn’t think the young chap was crazy.

Then badda-bing, badda-boom, no time was spared and Young Frank and Rose got on one of those big boats and made their way to the big Apple. Frank and Rose loved their new home in Manhattan. Loved it so much they popped out 9 more dreamers to roam around New York. Last of the bunch was a young man who became the father of the biggest dreamer of all, Billy.

Billy grew up and vastly put his grandparents Frank and Beautiful Roses name to honor. Now Billy has the hottest spot in town, down there in Lubbock Texas, making his Grandfather’s dreams come true, The Manhatt9n.


Password for entry posted weekly.


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6015 82nd St #1B
Lubbock, TX 79424

Hours of Operation

Thur: Open at 4pm
Fri: Open at 4pm
Sat:  Open at 4pm
Sun-Wed: Closed

May 23-25 Password:

"Mary Pickford"

This Week's Password for Jul 19-20 is "The Night Nerd".